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Digestive VM 12 kg
Digestive VM 12 kg

Digestive VM 12 kg

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Digestive VM is the ultimate vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement and has been formulated to fill nutrient gaps of forage (pasture or hay) based feed regimes, unfortified grain feeds or regimes whereby less than the recommended feeding rate of a commercial feed is provided.

The yeast derived prebiotic supports the good bacteria in your horse’s hindgut, making fibre digestion more efficient and keeping the good bacteria happy to support overall health. It provides vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form including natural vitamin E, organic selenium and organic chromium.

It also supplies essential amino acids to assist in building top line, strong hooves and promote gut health.

It does not contain grain, grain by-products or molasses, making it a good option for horses prone to laminitis, diagnosed with PPID (Cushings) or PSSM and overweight horses on an energy restricted diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Simone Stanta
Best product to give your horses who are not feed hard feeds

Top product, my horses have never looked better. Healthy and happier they have ever been.

Moraig Reeves

Digestive VM 12 kg

Lynda Colwell
What a great product!

I have been using Digestive VM for several months goes well with Digestive EQ which is another great product. I buy both in bulk and they help to keep my Warmblood/Thoroughbred mare in great condition. The Digestive EQ keeps her manure nice and pelleted...not loose. The Digestive VM keeps her in great condition without heating up.😊

Juliette Neve
Maintain the shine

Great product that helps to maintain the shine and condition of our horse. Love the pelleted makeup which our horse will eat out of your hand

Alanah Ladbrook

Digestive VM 12 kg