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Collection: Digestive EQ

Is your horse suffering from lack lustre hoof or coat condition, excitable behaviour, restrictive movement, sour attitude, girthiness, recurrent ulcers, respiratory problems, bouts of colic, laminitis, scouring, loss of appetite or poor food conversion?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your horse may benefit from Digestive EQ™.

  • Digestive EQ™ is a unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients specifically formulated to support the digestive and immune systems of your horse.
  • Digestive EQ™ is made from premium products at an affordable price.
  • Digestive EQ™ was developed in response to a need for a comprehensive affordable product that would improve both fore and hindgut and not cost you a fortune.
  • Digestive EQ™ has been designed to stabilise the pH of the digestive system avoiding damaging pH fluctuations which can stress the hindgut.
  • Digestive EQ™ supports fore and hindgut digestion as well as assisting with immune and inflammation challenges and damage caused by mycotoxins.

Digestive EQ™ is formulated to assist with:

  • Digestion
  • Performance
  • Wound recovery
  • Stimulation of the horses innate immune response
  • Reduced systemic inflammation
  • Calmer behaviours and improved attitudes
  • Calcium retention & bone strength
  • Feed conversion
  • Nutrient uptake
  • Reducing risk of laminitis, colic and respiratory infections
  • Reduced lactic acid production
  • Recovery after exercise
  • Recovery and prevention of gastric and hindgut ulcers
  • Elimination of mycotoxins
  • Coat and hoof condition
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Minimising the stress of travelling
  • Headshaking syndrome

Results from using Digestive EQ™ can be seen as quickly as 24 hrs (in the case of improvements from mycotoxins) with full effect being seen in 2-4 weeks.

The 5 main active ingredients in Digestive EQ are:

  1. Marine source of highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium which acts as an immediate pH buffer for the stomach an also provides nutrients which may assist with improving bone density and reducing excitability in horses.
  2. Added enzymes to aid the digestion of starch from grain based feeds in the small intestine, reducing the likelihood of undigested starch entering the hindgut.
  3. Amino acids which aid in the protection of strengthening of the gut mucosa.
  4. The powerful prebiotic feeds the fibre ingesting bacteria in the hindgut potentially increasing feed conversion from fibre sources within the diet and optimal production of B-vitamins and vitamin K.
  5. The dual action mycotoxin binder, which role is to bind, deactivate and eliminate damaging mycotoxins, which can be found on grains and pasture.
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